Mission Statement For Cornerstone Child Advocates LLC

We at Cornerstone Child Advocates believe the following:

  • All children are unique individuals with strengths and needs.
  • We are here to help families navigate the often overwhelming education system.
  • We are here to support families in their quest for educational testing and services.
  • We believe that families are ultimately the best advocates for their child, and hope to provide some tools and assistance to make that possible.

Lana Wood, Founder & CEO

Ms. Wood was born and raised in Southern California and attended public schools growing up.  Upon receiving her BA in English from UC Santa Barbara, she went on to become a General Education and Special Education Teacher in California.  She has over 18 years of experience as an Educator in both public and private school systems, including LAUSD and Santa-Monica/Malibu Unified.  As a former educator and COPPA 2.0 graduate, she is extremely familiar with the IEP process and has great insight into how Districts operate. She believes in working with families to develop skills that will help attain the best educational outcome for their children.

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